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  Publishers of Jazz and Blues research documentation for the dedicated enthusiast and collector

2 The Halt, Whitchurch, Tavistock, Devon, PL19 9SR

Our latest publication, The Art and Craft of Discography, is now published and has being shipped out to our readers who ordered it. It  includes a detailed review of the history of Discography followed by a new look at all our books on the subject with corrections,  new relevant information and further assessments of personnels etc. Orders have been slower than expected, perhaps on account of the health lockdown, but those who have missed our publicity may be alerted by favourable reviews in the important publications VJM, Just Jazz and others. The latter is included in full here in the News and Feedback section with the permission of its author, Mike Pointon.

Our Encomium for our co-author, collaborator and long-standing friend, Richard Rains, a great contributor to and editor of our books over the years will be found under the Associations and Friends page. It is also included in the current edition of VJM. In connection with that Publication we wish every success to Brian Goggin who has recently taken over as its Editor; and many thanks to Mark Berresford for its successful continuation up to this point in time.

Some of our readers seem to have been having trouble ordering our books: please note that the website does not have an automatic purchasing facility; the old-fashioned way, a letter and cheque (appropriately completed!) still works well or the more modern way to pay is by Paypal which most seem to find user-friendly - in fact we much prefer it at the moment due to being locked down and unable personally to go to the bank.






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