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PARAMOUNT PIANO: Additions and Corrections


Additions and Corrections to Jimmy Blythe's Discography: All agreed with Daniel Gugolz and Paolo Fornara. Thanks also to Max Hoeffner and the Real Blues Forum on Facebook.




On aural evidence the pianist is definitively Jimmy Blythe on both sides. B&GR suggests Irene Edie who is composer of one of the titles.




Vocal, acc. by  Jimmy Blythe p; Lonnie Johnson g/vn-1.                      Chicago, December 12 1927


82044-B   Creepin’Eel Blues                                                                                                             OK 8553

82045-B   Ghost Creeping Blues                                                                                                       OK 8588

82048-A   Boa Constrictor Blues -1                                                                                                  OK 8538

82049-B   Dead Sea Blues -1                                                                                                            OK 8553

82050-B   Sneakin’ Lizard Blues                                                                                                        OK 8538

82051-B   My Daddy’s Coffin Blues                                                                                                  OK 8588

82052-A   Mean Bloodhound Blues                                                                                                   OK 8704


82046&47 are by Lillie Delk Christian (no piano).




Vocal, acc. by Jimmy Blythe p; own g.                                                  Chicago, December 12 1927


82053-A   Sweet Potato Blues                                                                                                            OK 8568

82054-B   Tombstone Blues                                                                                                                OK unissued


B&GR suggests DeLoise Searcy on piano for all the above which is probably the case for Bessie Mae Smith's previous session with Lonnie Johnson which was recorded in St. Louis; but aurally this is definitively Blythe on all issued items. Curiously, Johnson and Blythe also recorded together on that day for Gennett (P. 100).


LUELLA MILLER  (P. 98 & 102): Additional sessions:-


Vocal, acc. by Jimmy Blythe p; Edward Hill g; Al Miller mnd.             Chicago, July 31, 1928


C-2164-B   Jefferson City Blues                                                                                                         Voc unissued

C-2165-A   Frisco Blues                                                                                                                    Voc 1202

C-2166-B   Brick House Blues                                                                                                           Voc 1202

C-2167-B   Worried Papa Blues                                                                                                         Voc unissued


Vocal, acc. by Jimmy Blythe p. Chicago, August 1, 1928


C-2175-B   Wee Wee Daddy                                                                                                             Voc 1234


B&GR Lists unknown piano on the above two sessions but aurally this is definitively Blythe on the issued items. C-2174  Chicago Blues which features  an unknown violin and, aurally, Al Miller on mandolin or mandola has also been heard but the piano is very basic with nothing to confirm it as by Blythe who also may or may not be on piano on unheard unissued titles C-2173 & C-2177 from this session. Cow Cow Davenport was in the studio on August 1 accompanying Hound Head Henry but he is not the pianist on any of the titles above.









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