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The Ivory Ladies: Additions and Corrections




Of the two sessions on March 16 and 17 1932 where Myrtle Jones is suggested in B&GR, we have only heard 11502-A Greasy Greens. We do not think the playing has any indication of Jenkins. We reported that Michel Chaigne had Voc 1691 from March 17 and that he did not believe Jenkins to be present. Michel had a great appreciation of Myrtle Jenkins and if she had been present I am sure he would have identified her either confidently or tentatively but he believed the accompaniment to be by Georgia Tom on piano and Tampa Red on guitar.

Litening to 11502 again with this in mind I am very inclined to say that this is also the case on that side and, by interpolation, probably also on all sides for these two sessions.


Sadly Michel is no longer with us (see News and Feedback page) so we cannot discuss the matter with him but I believe the above covers it as comprehensively as is possible without his direct involvement.

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