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A  discogaphical study of the involvement of front-line jazz instruments, trumpet, trombone, clarinet and saxophone in the blues-band music of Chicago in the nineteen-thirties, featuring trumpeter Alfred "Mr. Sheiks" Bell, reed players Arnett Nelson, Bill Owsley and Buster Bennett, trombonist Roy Palmer and others with some important blues artistes of the genre with pertinent biographical information.


Also includes a study of the earlier recordings of Arnett Nelson, one of the book's prime subjects.


Companion to and to some expent overlapping New Orleans Trumpet In Chicago and includes feedback of additions and corrections to that and previous volumes in the series.


The book comes with a complimentary CD of representative 78 r.p.m. recordings from the authors' collections. 


Paperback A5 size, 105 pages illustrated in black and white. Foreword by Paul Swinton.

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