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The Art and Craft of Discography is now published and has been shipped out to our readers, though the response was a little disappointing - but those who have read it seem satisfied with its content. It covers the history of Discography from the earliest days of the discipline as it evolved to cover the recording of Jazz, Blues and associated popular music; through the efforts of Charles Delaunay in pre-second-world way days by way of the immense efforts of such as Brian Rust, Godrich and Dixon and their successors to the present efforts of more specialised investigations, including our own.

It follows that up by looking back at our own efforts as evidenced by our Discographical publications under the imprints of Cygnet Productions and Chris Hillman books, listing errors, additions and the results of subsequent research by ourselves and others, independently and interactively, and development in our thinkings and findings from one book to another as the series has evolved with  some new insights and musical relationships being brought to light or suggested.

The book will have a Foreword by the distinguished Discographer Derek Coller remembering an occasion when the revered Walter C. Allen, author of outstanding works on King Oliver and Fletcher Henderson, came to an England. See below for more details.

The book is expected to be mainly of interest to our existing purchasers and readers but the information contains is equally related to, and referenced to, the standard works of Discography, Rust's Jazz Records and Blues and Gospel Records. New purchasers will be, in addition, offered a generous discount on the purchase of the earlier publications.

The price of The Art and Craft of Discography will be, as with our other current publications, £20.00 to new readers with the usual reduction to £18.00 for our existing loyal readers. See under Prices and Postage for details and methods of payment. We are ready to accept orders now but the publication will be announced to all our existing readers shortly.

We are currently working on the white musicians of New Orleans who were active there and in the northern cities in the early days of jazz, under the title of "Dixieland Days". Watch this space for further information in due course.







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