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An in-depth study of the activities of four New Orleans-born trumpet players, Lee Collins, Punch Miller, Herb Morand and Guy Kelly in the blues-band music of Chicago during the nineteen-thirties with full biographical details and discoghraphical coverage of all their relevant recordings.


Also included is a parallel study of the recordings of the important New Orleans-born drummer Clifford "Snags" Jones who was associated with them in the same area of activity.


The book comes with a complimentary CD of examples of the musicians' work, some of it extremely rare and hitherto unissued on record. Also included is feedback of additions and corrections to previous volumes in the series.


Paperback A5 size, 100 pages, illustrated in black and white. Foreword by Claes Ringquist.

Unfortunately this publication is out of print but is available as a print-out from the original computer program, stapled with original cover, for a reduced price - see Prices and Postage.

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