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Prices and Postage



The Art and Craft of Discography*                    £20.00 plus postage

                                                                                     £18.00 to existing customers


New Orleans to Texas*                                           £20.00 plus postage

                                                                                     £18.00 to existing customers


Crescent City Cornet                                            £20.00 plus postage 


Crescent City Reeds                                             £20.00 plus postage


Crescent City Slidemen                                       £20.00 plus postage


The three above £54.00 plus postage if purchased together.

The Ivory Men*                                                        £20.00 plus postage 


The Ivory Ladies*                                                    £20.00 plus postage


The two above £36.00 plus postage if purchased together.


Cygnet Publications


Paramount Serenaders*                                        £18.00 plus postage


Paramount Piano*                                                  £18.00 plus postage


The two above  £30.00 plus postage if purchased together


Chicago Swingers*                                                 £9.00 plus postage


New Orleans Trumpet In Chicago*                   £6.00 plus postage

(computer generated & stapled)


Dave Nelson and Others*                                      £9.00 plus postage


Richard M. Jones: Forgotten man of Jazz*     £9.00 plus postage


The four above £27.00 plus postage if purchased together


* Purchasers of The Art and Craft above are entitled to the books indicated thus at


half the indicated price.



Cygnet CDs including Gannett CJR 1003  £9.00 plus postage


All four £30.00 plus postage if purchased together






To UK               £1.26  per Item


To EU               £4.00  per Item


Elsewhere       £5.00  per Item



We continue to absorb recent price rises but cannot promise to do so for further







Payment in £Sterling please.


Cheques to C. Hillman, Chris Hillman or Chris Hillman Books.


Cheques to Cygnet Productions can no longer be accepted.


We do not accept credit or debit card payments but Paypal is available to Please add £1.00 per item ordered.




Trade enquiries welcomed - discounts for quantities of 5 off or over.






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