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Paramount Serenasders is a discographical examination of all jazz and blues recordings made in Chicago, Richmond, Indiana and Grafton Wisconsin in the Paramount 12000 series featuring front-line jazz instruments, trumpet, trombone, clarinet and saxophone, following up and enhancing the series of the same name which appered in Storyville magazine during the 1970s.


The book clears up or at least suggests solutions to many long-standing mysteries regarding personnels and dates with information regarding the circumstances and locations of the recordings.


Additional articles throw further light on some of the more obscure musicians featured. Feedback of additions and corrections to previous volumes in the series is also included.


The book comes with a complimentary CD of representative material from 78 r.p.m. recordings in the collections of the authors and others.


Paperback A5 size, 129 pages, illustrated in black and white. Foreword by Laurie Wright.

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